Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring by Karla Kuskin

Module 4 POETRY BREAK: SPRING-- A poem about the season of spring, spring holidays or spring events

Karla Kuskin

I’m shouting
I’m singing
I’m swinging through trees
I’m winging skyhigh
With the buzzing black bees.
I’m the sun
I’m the moon
I’m the dew on the rose.
I’m a rabbit
Whose habit
Is twitching his nose.
I’m lively
I’m lovely
I’m kicking my heels.
I’m crying “Come dance”
To the fresh water eels.
I’m racing through meadows
Without any coat
I’m a gamboling lamb
I’m a light leaping goat
I’m a bud
I’m a bloom
I’m a dove on the wing.
I’m running on rooftops
And welcoming spring!

Kuskin, Karla. 1980. Moments: Poems about the seasons. Hopkins, Lee Bennett, selector. Michael Hague, illus. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. 38.

Poetry Break - use a blank white board or hang a large sheet of paper on the wall that several students can write on. Draw a circle map (thinking maps are required in our school). On strips of paper, write the lines of the poem that contain the contraction,” I’m” and a student’s name. Put the strips of paper in a watering can.

Without revealing the title of the poem, read the poem aloud to the children. Ask the children what word is repeated several times. Read the poem a second time so they can hear the repeated contraction, “I’m.” Draw the strips of paper from the watering can one at a time. As each strip of paper is drawn, have the student whose name is on the paper, write the “I’m” line from the poem in the circle map. After everyone has written his or her “I’m” line in the circle map, challenge the students to guess who “I’m” is. Discuss how “racing through the meadows” or “running on the rooftops” reflects spring. Explain the significance of the watering can (to water trees and flowers as they bud out and bloom in spring). Could the actions in the poem reflect other seasons and how?

For an extension activity, tie the poem to science class and a discussion of the seasons. Have the students work in groups and use circle maps they draw to think of other events and things that describe spring. Continue to create circle maps for the remaining seasons: summer, autumn, and winter.

§112.4. Science, Grade 2.
7D observe, measure, and record changes in weather, the night sky, and seasons.


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